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Florida reports 5,564 new COVID-19 cases as EU drug agency finds J&J vaccine benefits outweigh risks

ORLANDO, Fla. – As the U.S. prepares for a decision later this week on the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, the European Union’s drug regulatory agency found a “possible link” between the vaccine and rare clots though the agency said the benefits outweigh the risks.

The agency recommended J&J add a warning label to the vaccine and also said the problems should be considered “very rare side effects of the vaccine,” according to the Associated Press.

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European officials said they considered all available evidence from the U.S., which ultimately consisted of eight cases, including one death. All occurred in people

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JERUSALEM – Facebook said Wednesday it has broken up a hacker network used by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas' intelligence service in an attempt to keep tabs on journalists, human rights activists and government critics.
Indonesia; Authorities in Indonesia are trying to locate a missing submarine on Wednesday (21). The KRI Nanggala-402 submarine stopped responding in the early morning defense officials said.Indonesian National Armed Forces (TNI) Commander Marshal Hadi Tjahjanto told national paper Kompas that the submarine disappeared in waters about 60 miles (95 kilometers) north of the island of Bali.“Just when the dive permit was given, after being given the clearance, contact was immediately lost,” he told the paper.It is one of five submarines owned by the Indonesian armed forces and was built in West Germany in 1978.Indonesia has requested the help of Australia and Singapore in finding the submarine. Republika reported that the TNI had deployed all

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