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Church asking Supreme Court for relief from Democratic governor's COVID restrictions

A Colorado church is petitioning the Supreme Court for relief from COVID restrictions in the Centennial State, arguing that churches are treated less favorably than other establishments under the rules. The High Plains Harvest Church and its pastor, Mark Hotaling, are seeking an injunction against a 50-person limit on houses of worship under Gov.

Jared Polis and Colorado Department of Health and Environment Executive Director Jill Hunsaker Ryan, pending an appellate review. “The linchpin of the State’s attempted justification for discriminating against churches in favor of secular uses is that somehow churches are uniquely risky environments for spread of COVID-19,” the petition reads.

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. – With coronavirus cases surging at a record pace, California Gov. Gavin Newsom announced a new stay-at-home order Thursday and said if people don’t comply the state’s hospitals will be overwhelmed with infected patients.Newsom's latest effort to keep people from gathering with others from outside their households divides the state into five regions and links business closures and travel restrictions to hospital ICU capacity.
MILAN – Italy recorded a pandemic-high daily death toll Thursday, providing a grim backdrop for Premier Giuseppe Conte’s cheerless announcement of restrictions for the Christmas holidays that will make it difficult for extended families to celebrate together as is customary.Italiasn like to say, “Christmas with family, Easter with whomever you please,’’ underlining the sacrosanct notion of spending Christmas and St. Stefano’s feast day on Dec.

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