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‘Disgusting’: Abbotsford, B.C. kids told to research positives of residential schools

Indian Residential Schools.Up to 6,600 children are believed to have died in residential schools, while many others faced physical or sexual abuse at the institutions, which operated for more than 120 years.

Up to 6,000 children died at Canada’s residential schools, report finds (2015) Children were forcibly taken from their families and placed in the schools, which the 2015 Truth and Reconciliation Commission found perpetuated “cultural genocide.”Krista MacInnes, who is Indigenous, took to social media platform TikTok to share her outrage, calling the assignment “disgusting.”“I was disgusted, and then I was outraged, and then honestly I was broken for my people,” MacInnes told Global News, Wednesday.“That this was downplayed in such a

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Krista Macinnes

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coronavirus pandemic around eight months ago, more than 2,200 long-term care residents in Ontario have died from COVID-19.Long-term care deaths account for nearly two-thirds of all COVID-19-related deaths in the province.Out of the province’s 626 long-term care facilities, the virus crept into over half of them, causing outbreaks in more than 400.It’s clear that the homes have been among the hardest-hit areas in Ontario during the pandemic, both in the first and second waves.
COVID-19 and vaccines.There has been understandable elation about the news of multiple coronavirus vaccines; that has exceeded all expectations about efficacy and availability, and has offered renewed hope that we may finally tame this horrific virus.It was also encouraging to learn that the Canadian government has ordered more doses per capita of vaccines than most other countries. Two shots.

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